SIP features

    In terms of its characteristics, SIP exceeds the current requirements of the Building Regulations in terms of both energy efficiency and load resistance. For a house built of SIP panels, the cost per square meter is lower than for the same house built of other materials.

    SIP uses less timber than wood-framed homes. As a result, vertical uprights containing a frame are used either every 1200mm or not at all, connecting the panels to smaller SIP panels, which significantly increases energy efficiency..

    100m2 house (walls, partitions, roof and floor), using SIP panels, can be built within a week.

    Factory-made SIP panels are more accurate than a prefabricated wooden frame construction. This ensures significantly better accuracy during the construction of the building and significantly better tightness during the life cycle.

    Not only is SIP panel construction quick to assemble, it is also significantly lighter, retaining much higher thermal and sound insulation properties than other materials. The thickest SIP panel weighs only about 50 kg. In turn, the partition panel 174 mm wide is able to absorb 70 decibels of sound. As a result, without increasing the wall thickness of the building, excellent energy efficiency and sound insulation are obtained.

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