General benefits of using SIP panels

    SIP panels offer advantages at all levels of building design and construction - it is easy for architects to design, easy and convenient for builders to build, and economically viable for building residents.

    • The panels have many applications, including interior and exterior wall, floor and roof surfaces.
    • There is no need for roof trusses, which allows you to create a living space directly under the roof
    • SIPs are structurally superior to traditional wooden frames - stronger and less prone to shifts
    • Buildings built with SIP are about 50 percent more energy efficient than those built with a traditional frame
    • Equivalent U values ​​can be achieved with thinner walls
    • SIP panels can be combined with other building materials such as bricks, blocks, stone, tiles, slate, wood, steel and glass
    • SIP panels do not limit the choice of shapes, finishing materials and other engineering solutions
    • SIP offers creative freedom without the limitations of conventional building materials
    • SIP design makes it easier to create complete CAD assembly drawings
    • SIP can be used in many different ways, including redesigning existing buildings. The compatibility and properties of the panel do not create restrictions when adding or reconstructing existing structures from different materials.
    • The use of SIP reduces construction time by two to three times
    • Less supervision on site. Easy to train workforce
    • No special tools or heavy equipment required
    • Easy to calculate costs
    • Buildings built with SIP are airtight with even heat distribution inside and without unexpected cold air flow. As a result, the building easily meets the A + class energy efficiency requirements and can be up to 40% more economical in its life cycle than other buildings.
    • SIP horizontal load resistance allows to avoid the use of heavy roof structures, as a result of which the space under the roof is just as isolated and can be used for living space
    • SIP allows you to build a house or office much faster than is possible with traditional materials
    • Buildings built with SIP are significantly quieter compared to buildings made of other materials. SIP is also an important element of sound insulation in the redesign of existing buildings.

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